Younglife Cheyenne is going on a Canadian adventure!

Malibu Club June 2019

Where: Malibu Club, Egmont, British Columbia, Canada
When: June 11-19, 2019
Cost: $1000.00 ⫸⫸⫸ $800.00 for Summer Camp FIRST-TIMERS !!!
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Malibu Fact Sheet for Campers and Parents HERE: Malibu Fact Sheet for Campers and Parents.pdfMalibu Fact Sheet for Campers and Parents.pdf

Where is Malibu and how long does it take to get there?
We will fly from Denver to Seattle and take a bus to Vancouver, British Columbia. Then we will take the BC Ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale Terminal, then up the Sunshine Coast to Egmont, BC. There we will join with campers from other areas for a three-hour cruise on the Malibu Princess (Young Life’s own passenger boat) to The Malibu Club at the mouth of the world-renowned Princess Louisa Inlet.

Limit your baggage to one (1) suitcase/duffel bag and one (1) carry on. Malibu provides all your linens.
Photo ID and Birth Certificate or Passport 

Clothes for both warm and cool weather

Nice outfit

Clothes that can get really dirty

Close-toed shoes

Spending Money or Cards with Visa or MasterCard
Rain coat

Swim suit and beach towel

NOTE: Cell phones are taken away at camp so campers/leaders should plan to have an alternate camera.

You won’t need a lot of money while at camp because everything you do is included in the price. You will need spending money for meals while travelling to camp and home. There is a camp store that sells Young Life clothing and gift items. There is also an ice cream parlor, a coffee shop and a craft/bead store. There is no cash machine at camp. If using a credit card for payment, please be sure to have contacted your bank ahead of time to let them know you are travelling out of country so your card is not frozen. Most debit cards do not work in a foreign country, so they do not work at Malibu as it is in a foreign country.
You can pay at the Malibu stores with:
• Visa
• Mastercard
• US cash
• Canadian cash
• US Checks
The dining experience at Malibu is Awesome! The Sechelt Dining Room has a beautiful ocean view and all meals are served family style. The food is plentiful so you will not go hungry while at camp, and therefore do not need money for food unless you would like to have a snack or an ice cream at the Totem Inn (our ice cream parlour). For campers with doctor prescribed special diets, Food Services will do their very best to provide for you. Please discuss food issues with your local Young Life staff members so they can communicate with camp ahead of time.

What not to bring:
These are non- negotiable:
(if caught with any of the following you will be sent home at your expense!)
• Drugs or Alcohol (crossing the Canadian Border is a “No-No”). Any prescription drugs must be in prescription containers.
Drugs or alcohol found on a camper at the border is considered a federal offense.
• Weapons of any kind

There is a doctor that stays the entire week at Malibu with the campers. They are on call throughout the week for emergencies or at the “Medicine man” ½ hour after breakfast and dinner. They are also at every event throughout the week should they be needed.

How can I contact my camper in case of emergency?
The Malibu Club is very remote and only accessible by boat or float plane. Due to this remote location there are no public phones, no computer access, and there is no cell coverage at Malibu. If there is a life or death emergency and you must get a message to your camper, contact the office at (778) 331-7944 or

Camp Cost: $1000
Camp: $557
Plane: $312
Bus: $400
Area will fundraise $269

TOTAL: $1000


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